I have had a number of situations where my customers had difficulty connecting Nintex Mobile to their SharePoint environment. Consider the following two scenarios:

Scenario 1 – Forms Based Authentication

Whilst this is a fairly common scenario for On Premises deployments, the challenge is that when logging into the Nintex Mobile application, you are presented with the ability to login with either a Corporate Account or Microsoft Account.

A forms based account is technically neither, and the issue becomes apparent when you select Corporate Account and try and provide your forms based user credentials. You will simply be told that the credentials are invalid. You may be tempted to try a number of permutations, however a standard windows based (domain) login is the only combination that will work.

Scenario 2 – Internal only SharePoint environment

In this scenario, you want to provide Nintex Mobile support for a selected number of domain users, but are unable/unwilling to expose your SharePoint environment to be publically accessible.


Whilst the solution itself is quite simple, a compromise is required.

You can register your Microsoft account with Nintex Live. What this means in practise is that you can login to SharePoint (either using a forms based login for an externally published SharePoint site, or using an internal domain account in this example) and be given the option to link that login account with a Microsoft account.

The steps are simple and are identified in further detail below:

1. Navigate to Central Administration -> Nintex Forms Management -> Manage Live Mobile Access and ensure that Enable Live Mobile Access is Enabled.


2. Login to SharePoint using your desired credentials and click on your account and select Nintex Mobile Apps -> Register with Nintex Live


3. Register your login account with a Microsoft Account



4. You can verify and manage users via Central Administration -> Nintex Forms Management -> Manage Nintex Live Mobile Users


5. Sign into Nintex Mobile using a Microsoft Account


Now when you login to Nintex Mobile, select Microsoft Account and login with your respective details. Behind the scenes, Nintex Live and its associated local relay service bridges your credentials so you are able to successfully authenticate in either scenario.

Yes it requires the use of a Microsoft Account (free to setup), but the obvious trade-off is that users affected by the above scenarios won’t be able to login with their standard credentials.

The good news is that any activity performed by the users (such as the creation of new items) will be registered within SharePoint using their internal credentials (e.g. their forms based authentication username). This ensures that aside from the initial login with their Microsoft account, any user activity remains seamless inside SharePoint.

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