For many organisations who make the shift to electronic forms and workflows to manage their business processes, the initiative idles once the existing business processes have been provided within this new paradigm.

With the rapid time to market for new workflows, Nintex Workflow is a gift that can keep giving. Once you have made the investment in the tool it makes sense to look beyond existing business processes and explore new opportunities for automation.

With Nintex Live for Nintex Workflow a variety of actions are available that enable you to reach beyond your traditional SharePoint boundaries.

With support for interaction with Twitter, Yammer, and Facebook – your internal news releases can be picked up by a Nintex Workflow which pending approval or news categorisation, can post to social media services on your behalf.

Alternatively, consider scheduling a workflow to query twitter for mentions of your organisation. You could insert each mention into a SharePoint list which in turn has a review workflow initialised for marketing/PR representatives to monitor and respond.

There are many more practical actions available such as currency conversion tools for automated quotes or even expense management.

With the current hype of the cloud, Microsoft in particular recognise the necessity for hybrid solutions where some business content and processes remains on premises and other information is better placed on cloud solutions such as SharePoint Online / Office 365.

A common model (albeit evolving further towards the cloud) is where internal collaboration on sensitive material takes place within an on premises implementation of SharePoint. Collaboration with external business partners can sit well within a SharePoint Online environment.

To blur these world together on an ad-hoc basis, Nintex Live has a number of Office 365 actions such as user and site provisioning.

With this in mind you could create a central list within your on premises environment to record a partner name and a list of users.

It’s then simply a case of provisioning a basic Nintex Workflow to pick this up and create a secured collaboration site for that partner within your SharePoint Online environment.

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