Following migration of a site in 2007 (e.g. from staging to live), I encountered an error when trying to view the page settings of any pages that had been created prior to moving the content database across. Standard editing of pages still works fine, only accessing the page settings triggers this error (hence easy to lay dormant following a migration).

Research suggests that whilst the preparetomove stsadm command is not necessary (or recommended) following the infrastructure update, that publishing pages can still have problems.

In my situation, the staging site’s publishing page layout was still being referenced within all pages alongside the

The solution is to update this to reference the new (current) site’s URL.

I came across a solution from Gary Lapointe and his STSADM extensions:

After running the utility across the full web application (stsadm -o gl_fixpublishingpagespagelayouturl -url http://intranet/ -scope webapplication) everything was fixed and pages can now have their settings modified again.

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